C4X Block Properties

Strong Light weight & durable
-C4X are having density range from 650 Kg/m3 to 1250 Kg/m3 as compared to 1800 Kg/m3 to 2400 Kg/m3 for red bricks and flyash bricks respectively. Three times less weight than clay or flyash bricks and Blocks have an average compressive strength of 2.0 to 7.0 N/mm2. Despite millions of tiny air filled cells blocks are strong and durable. The Lightweight advantage for the structure design leading to savings in supporting structures and foundation. Facilitates construction of unplanned walls anywhere & anytime.
- Cellular Light-weight Concrete is very light coloured. The addition of foam into the concrete mixture creates millions of tiny voids or cells in the material, hence the name cellular concrete. Although there is no direct path for water to pass through the material, an appropriate coating is required to prevent water penetrating into the CLC material. The quality of CLC production can be controlled accurately at the project site, just like Concrete. The surface finish depend upon the framework and moulds used during casting.
High Thermal Insulation
- Low thermal conductivity can achieve higher levels of air-tightness. C4X thermal performance is 5 times better tha clay bricks & 10 times better than RCC. With a just 100 mm thickness of wall 1000kg/m3, C4X offers fire endurance for heat transmission for 4 hours without releasing any toxic fumes. Interiors remain cool in summer and warm in cold winter days. Savings in recurring energy costs in air-conditioning. C4X is ideal material for applications in cold storage rooms.
Good Sound Insulation
-C4X has upto 37-42 db sound reduction based on thickness. It is possible to achieve even higher values depending upon the thickness & plaster. Savings in recurring energy costs in air-conditioning. C4X blocks fulfill required STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating. Due to its sound insulation its ideal in construction of schools, hospitals, amphitheaters. etc.